Leadership Assistance & PPS GmbH

We are a new specialist firm that actively supports leaders and owners to improve portfolio company performance. Through assessing both the leadership and business we give meaningful, integrated and clear insights into the current strengths and weakness of the company performance.

We do this by applying our 82+ years of business experience and know how (including 30 years of hands on CEO
leadership) as well as 22 years of coaching and (500+) leadership assessments, we have developed the right approach (processes and tools) for whatever solution is needed: enabling incumbents, executing interim roles and educating leaders.

Our Purpose:
We choose to live by choice, not by chance; to be motivated, not manipulated; to be useful, not used; to make changes, not excuses; to excel and do things others will not, so we can continue to do things others cannot.

“We live business leadership excellence in transformational situations:
we enable, we execute and we educate.”

— Pepyn Dinandt, CEO / Founder


We use our deep and extensive know how and experience to help leaders benefit from all of this and by doing so become great business leaders. We are a team with extensive experience and deep insights into the correlation between quality of leadership and quality of business performance: A top leadership assessment and development specialist and seasoned operators (ex-CEO etc..)

  1. We apply our whole experience and know how 100% (enabling, practicing and educating)

  2. We continuously strive to add to our experience and know how

  3. We are team players: individuals play the game, but teams beat the odds

Why our approach is unique and effective – we offer the duality of extensive hands on transformational business leadership experience combined with strong analytics and a deep experience in leadership assessment, development, coaching and mentoring

We have an extensive record in delivery
when it comes to the application of the processes and tool

Our Joint Track Record

Combined 82+ years of experience and practical know how of working in challenging environments and situations where need for speed, gaining good insights quickly and quality of leadership matter

Almost 30 years of hands-on CEO leadership and doing of transformations where financial delivery counts: Total of approx 2.7 billion incremental EV created1)

Over 22 years of assessment, development and coaching experience for leaders and others, with overall 200+ leadership assessments

We have developed, evaluated and executed countless strategies, value creation programs and performance enhancement programs (~60)

Across the almost 30 years of CEO roles, hands on responsibility for leading 88 business and other unit executive teams including extensive mentoring expereince in delivering performance improvement

Deep understanding of focusing on financial impact through 45 years of working for and with PE investors

A very strong, sophisticated and modern financial controlling
background using BI tools
to analyze and identify bottom-line performance improvement potentials of businesses as well as being able to benchmark against relevant peers

A structured, analytical, rigorous and objective process combining financial, business and leadership aspects to determine GLE

Proprietary tool kit for C-Level coaching with a strong focus on improving those areas which are key for enabling optimum financial performance and delivering on the PEP

Proprietary tool kit for planning strategic fitness as well as transformation processes (strategic element of the PEP) and supporting leadership to reinforce the necessary steps for a successful implementation of the PEP (from the book BLUF)

Proprietary tool kit for designing operational fitness programs of the PEP and supporting the successful implementation there of (external partner)

State of the art controlling and PMO know-how to be implemented where necessary to be able to track the PEP program

1)Approx 2.7 billion € incremental EV created through EBITDA improvements (Delta 260 million € x 8) and non-operating cash generation (Delta 600 million €)